Frequently asked questions about NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

– Is there any risk that the nasal aspirator induces allergic problems?

No, there is not. The tube is made of latex-free polypropylene and the blue filter is foam-like with an absorbing effect and is made of polyurethane.

– Why is NoseFrida better than other nasal aspirators on the market?

NoseFrida is safer and better because you do not have to insert anything into your babies nose that might damage the sensitive mucous membrane and you can control the suction frequency when the suction begins.

– How do I clean NoseFrida?

Take the tube off the hat and rinse the tube in hot water with a little washing up liquid. Allow to dry. Replace the filter and put the tube back. You hear a click on attaching the tube to the hat. You then know the tube is in place.

– Can you use the nasal aspirator more than once?

Answer: Yes, NoseFrida is designed for multiple use. Each aspirator is supplied with a moisture absorbing hygiene filter that makes use hygienic and these must be replaced after each application. NoseFrida is packed in a specially designed case where the hygiene filters are also held out of the reach of your child. The case means you have a hygienic repository for your NoseFrida.

– Is NoseFrida a new product?

NoseFrida has been on the market for several years and is recommended by doctors and Child Care Centres.

How old must your child be to use NoseFrida?

You can use NoseFrida to help improve your child’s breathing, eating and sleeping from the very first day of his or her life.

Do you not infect yourself when sucking the child’s nose clean?

No, clinical studies have shown that no infection is transmitted. A moisture absorbing filter effectively prevents the bacteria from being transmitted to the carer.

– Can you combine NoseFrida with saline drops?

Yes. Surveys have shown that the effects of saline drops and nasal spray improve substantially when the child’s nose has first been cleaned using NoseFrida. The reason for this is that the medicine, after the use of NoseFrida, is able to exercise its effect more directly on the mucous membrane.

– Where can you buy NoseFrida?

In baby shops and on the Internet.

– What are the requirements when producing NoseFrida?

The requirement was that it should be effective, easy to use, easy to clean, not cause allergies, and absolutely not irritate the sensitive mucous membrane of small children.

– Who has invented NoseFrida?

NoseFrida was invented by an ear, nose and throat doctor and meets all the demands for safety and hygiene both for the child and the user. It has been evaluated by paediatricians, the Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic and Child Care Centres.

– Where is NoseFrida manufactured?

NoseFrida is made in Sweden.

– Is Nosefrida available in other countries?

Yes, click here to see our distributors. 

– How do you use NoseFrida?

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